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Welcome to Ronin Technologies

This is the home page for Ronin Technologies Incorporated. We are an engineering consulting company that provides expert services to the Hi-Tech industry and businesses.

We specialize in providing technical leadership on embedded software projects in commercial or military settings. Our goal is to provide companies with a Senior Engineer already trained in the embedded SW development field that can hit the ground running and provide immediate results. We can help you meet aggressive development schedules, keep your contract commitments, and hit market windows. Ronin Technologies has been registered under the Canadian Controlled Goods Directorate program as it relates to the development of embedded software for Military programs. Our Senior Engineer has held NATO Secret, Enhanced Reliability and COMSEC security clearances.

We also provide a wide range of services in the IT field. We have provided turnkey systems for Business Firewalls, Webservers, Mailservers, Webmail Interfaces, Version Control Systems and various networking configurations. Along with webservers we can build from full scale Internet portals to single page websites to provide your business or organization with a web presence. Check our Customers Page for examples.

Operations are based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Posted on Sunday, April 02

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Automating The Espresso Machine - Updated
Posted by Paul Rimmer / Sunday, August 22, 2010 (17:42:15) / (3992 reads) Technology

Well after years of service I retired the X10 Universal module. Trying to get away from X10 as its not the most dependable protocol. A friend gave me a board he'd been working on that is an esp8266 processor with a relay attached. I loaded the esp8266 frankenstein firmware on it and now I can telnet in and turn the gpio on and off which is connected to the power switch. So now I don't need to talk X10 I just use the following AutoIt scripts to telnet to the board and control the machine's on/off button by toggling the relay with the appropriate timing.
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Faster build times using distcc and ccache
Posted by Paul Rimmer / Sunday, September 28, 2014 (18:42:31) / (1518 reads) Programming

Even with today's fast processors, some software can still take a while to build. Enter a couple of great opensource tools: distcc and ccache. ccache determines if you've already compiled a file and if so, pulls it from it's cache. It uses many facets of the compile command to generate a hash to make sure that you are getting the correct file from the cache and not a bogus hit. When set-up correctly, if ccache generates a miss then it will hand off the work to distcc. distcc spreads your compilation workload over as many build machines as you can get your hands on. So for distcc to help you need multiple build machines with the same build tools installed. I've seen a 500% improvement in build speed using these tools so they are well worth the time to set them up. Even if you don't have multiple build hosts, ccache alone can provide massive time savings. Fortunately they are not hard to get working. Also, if your not using make's parrallel execution option (make -j) already you should, as that really allows these tools to shine
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Welcome pfSense and so long and thanks for all the fish IPCop!
Posted by Paul Rimmer / Sunday, March 23, 2014 (17:36:28) / (2035 reads) BSD

After 10 years of great service I just upgraded our SOHO firewall from IPCop to pfSense. IPCop was a great servant for many years but pfSense is now the undisputed leader in Open Source Firewalling. pfSense now has a much more active community and is more feature rich. Best part is it still runs great on our old Pentium3 with 512MB RAM. Things sure have come a long way since running the firewall on an old 486 with LRP (Linux Router Project) booting off a floppy!
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tmux - Great replacement for screen detachable terminal multiplexer
Posted by Paul Rimmer / Saturday, June 22, 2013 (15:43:32) / (1831 reads) Programming

tmux is a great replacement for the venerable terminal multiplexer screen. These tools are a must for remote development in that if your session gets closed, accidentally or intentionally detached, you can simply reattach and carry on from where you left off. Applications keep running while you are detached so nothing is lost. Good video of screen vs tmux face-off here.
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OBi100 + + Google Voice = Cheap Phone Bill in North America!
Posted by Paul Rimmer / Tuesday, May 28, 2013 (01:29:03) / (1756 reads) Technology

For dollars a month you can have unlimited North American calling with e911 and tons of features. You use your internet connection as access to VOIP services. In my case I went with due to their good reputation and Google Voice for free outgoing calls in North America. If Google ever starts charging, it's incredibly cheap to use for outgoing as well. I picked up an OBi100 ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) for $30 on Amazon and I was off to the races. I plan to switch my old line number over to this soon, which is free with anveo if you pay a year in advance. That's probably 1 current phone bill+taxes. Check below for some useful links.
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