Carry On Round The World

On February 28th, 2017 we left Calgary, Canada on a one way ticket to Thailand after selling our house and most of our possessions and retiring. After a lot of preparation it was the start of a massive ongoing adventure. This is how long ago our adventure started:

We started off with grand plans of blogging all about our travels. It wasn't long before we realized how much work that required, especially with just our phones. This totally went against our #1 requirement of having fun. So now we simply update our travels map to show where we are, where we have been and show links to a locations photo album (if you click the location marker). Every once in a while we add a page for somewhere we've been . You can find those under the "Travels" drop down menu above. We've also added some of the articles we did before we left on how we managed to get ourselves ready for long term travel.

Random selfies from our travels.

Randomized Selfies 2019